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Would you like to create an original umbrella made in Japan at a 150-year-old textile factory?

The world's only luxury umbrella created by craftsmen who have inherited traditional techniques

Makita Shoten is a long-established textile factory that has been in business for 150 years, making fabrics and umbrellas. We weave the fabric in-house, process it, and transform it into umbrellas. We have an integrated production line in-house, from making the fabric to assembling the umbrellas. There are Japanese craftsmen who made this possible.
--In fact, this is the only "Makita Shoten" in the world.
Craftsmen with extensive experience and high technical skills carefully finish each umbrella one by one. Because of this system, we are able to produce the umbrellas we have envisioned, and we are also able to handle small-lot production.
Would you like to work with us to create a stylish, high-quality original umbrella that will shine in your everyday life? Because of its shape, umbrellas are perfect as gifts as well as lucky charms.
Japanese craftsmen use traditional techniques to create a special umbrella just for you.
Now, I would like to introduce how you can create your own special umbrella.


Making cloth with a unique taste

We weave intricate patterns such as brand logos and characters using warp and weft threads that are vividly dyed using underground water from Mt. Fuji.

This is a characteristic of ``yarn-dyed fabrics'', and the overlapping colored threads give the fabric a sense of depth and luxury.
In addition, when finished as an umbrella, since it is a woven fabric, you can enjoy the different colors that are reversed from the inside.
The material is mainly polyester. If you want to create the texture of natural fibers, you may use cotton for the weft.
We can also process the fabric to suit your needs, such as waterproofing, water repellency, and UV protection.
We have a dedicated textile designer, so we can also provide ODM support by converting your design ideas into fabrics.
In addition, umbrella fabric is also recommended as a material for raincoats, etc. We also accept original eco-bags made from the same fabric, so please feel free to contact us.


Decide on type and size

Solidify your image of what kind of umbrella you want to make.

First, decide on three items: 1) Umbrella or parasol, 2) Long umbrella or folding umbrella, and 3) Men's or women's umbrella (can be used for both purposes depending on size).

Next, select the bone length.

Depending on your desired use, we will decide on a specific length, such as a 60cm rib (general women's size).
Please note that the diameter varies depending on how the fabric is stretched, so it is only a guideline.
Also, please note that the overall length may vary slightly depending on the type of parts.

Decide on the opening method and type of the umbrella.

The type here refers to the number of ribs and the way the umbrella is opened. Specifically, you can choose from ``8 ribs (8 bones that support the umbrella fabric)'' (a common number) or ``Hand opening''.
We also have umbrellas with 12 ribs and umbrellas that open with one touch, so please contact us if you are interested.

Decide on fabric processing.

If you would like an ``umbrella'', we will apply ``waterproof/water repellent'' treatment, and if you want a parasol, we will apply UV protection and heat shielding treatment. In addition, when it comes to "umbrellas for both sun and rain," it is possible to apply both of these treatments.


Set handles and options

Finally, decide on the handle.

Makita Shoten's original handles are available in wood grain, bamboo, synthetic leather, etc., and you can choose one that matches the image of the umbrella (*Some images are shown).
If you have a special request, please feel free to contact us as we may be able to make a special order.
It can also be made with tassels.

customer's voice

What I thought before the consultation

・I was looking for something that was a traditional Japanese craft that could be mass-produced, used on a daily basis, and at an easy-to-acquire price range.
・I was looking for something that was made in Japan and had regional characteristics and history.
・I want to make an original fabric umbrella.

Deciding factor for manufacturing consultation

・We felt that they were a reliable partner, not only for their technical ability and expressiveness, but also for their friendly and speedy responses.
-The product was well made and the fabric had an original design and manufacturing method.
・We were able to have a meeting in Tokyo. The explanation was accurate and made me feel at ease.
- The craftsmen involved in each production process are young and flexible, and the production process can be seen as connected.

Impressions after receiving the finished product

・First of all, I was so moved that I cried out. Since the request was for a character piece, it was difficult to visualize the finished product, but when I saw the weaving sample, I was impressed by the shading and sense of depth.
・I finally found an umbrella that I want to use. Use it with care! That's my first impression. And I thought I would sell it by telling the customers how important it is.
・When the umbrella was made from woven material, I was surprised by its aura.

Good things about requesting Makita Shoten

・Not only did I appreciate the beauty and high quality of the products, but I was also greatly helped by their courteous customer service and attentiveness throughout the sales process. I am also grateful that he boldly took on challenges such as gradation, even for Makita Shoten.
・Thank you for being able to give form to our idea without any deviations. The quality is also excellent and we can confidently recommend them to our customers.
・We were able to communicate many times and create something that we were satisfied with.

OEM case study


Japanese Masterpiece Club (Osamu Tezuka's 90th birthday commemoration)

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Delivery time: 4 weeks for weaving, 1 month for trial production *1
Production quantity: 50, 100, 300*2
(*1) Please note that this is a guideline period. Also, during busy periods it may take longer.
(*2) We will prepare a quotation according to your desired production quantity. As the order quantity increases, the unit price of the umbrella decreases.
Please contact us for more information.

Contact information

Person in charge: Yoichi Makita Email: TEL: 0555-25-3111 (Main)

*When contacting the person in charge for an estimate, please let us know (1) the design, (2) the number of pieces, and (3) a Makita Shoten product with similar fabric and specifications, so we can quickly provide you with an estimate.