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As the original products for your company

Osamu Tezuka's illustration becomes the umbrella.


From yarn to umbrella

Our umbrellas are all made with woven jacquard textile, using beautiful yarns dyed and washed with pure water from mount fuji. Cut into the parts, sewed, built, all these processes by craftsmen’s skillful hands.


the Makita’s tradition since 1866

Hybrid of technique and chicness

We have inherit the Kaiki silk tradition which was cherished by wealthy Edo citizen and our umbreall “1866” expresses all essence these inherit. Using water proof chambray textile for outer surface and cut jacquards for inside and built with Kawazu-bari, ancient technique of umbrella making.


New umbrella with new challenge

Hybrid of fashion and umbrella

Since 1866, Makita shoten has respected the importance of creativity for the future. One good example is the umbrella named “SAI=vegetable” which looks like corn, carrot and beans, impressive with textured textile like vegetable itself、using knowhow of umbrella as well as garment textile. Makita shoten is challenging new possibilities of collaboration, for example, unique kids rain wear by Franky Glow and famous illustration by Stig Lindberg becomes precise jacquard woven umbrella.