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Cultivating creativity by the beautiful Mount Fuji in Nishikatsura, Yamanashi

Creativity cultivated in Nishikatsura, Yamanashi Prefecture, at the foot of Mt. Fuji

Textile and umbrella born with professional collaboration

We are constantly creating new things with the staffs of planning & design team, weaving team and umbrella team and the president who is 5th generation of our company.

> Connecting generations from the 5th generation to the 6th generation and into the future

Planning & Design team

planning design team

Professionals of textile and yarn

Using the inherit of knowledge of fabric & yarn in the 150 years history, our team create clients’ idea and request into textile design. Also we design our own originals so to show in the domestic exhibitions as well as in abroad.

> Interview with the planning team about working at Makita Shoten

Weaving team

weaver team

Using traditional knowledge and high-technique

Our weavers inherit kaiki silk weaving tradition of high-density and delicate pattern weaving. We possess wide pattern jacquard machine in our factory. Our weavers use both knowledge of traditional weaving technique and high-tech weaving knowledge so to create overwhelming textiles to cover high request from our clients.

Umbrella team

umbrella craftsman team

Master technique and delicate hand work

We produce our original umbrellas from weaving textile, cutting into parts, sewing and building by skillful craftsmen. It can be possible only with this professional team’s experience to create elaborate umbrellas like 1866.

> Interview with the umbrella craftsman team about manufacturing at Makita Shoten

Sales team

sales team

Telling the spirit of Makita’s manufacturing

The sales team who is taking care of selling umbrellas in their factory shop and online. They are in charge of meeting clients to tell about their creation.

> What is Makita Shoten's customer service like from the sales team?