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Make an original umbrella
for your business?
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SINCE 1866

Makita shoten has created the umbrellas and garments’ textiles with advanced idea using high quality technique of ancient silk weaving.




Our umbrellas are all made in our factory from textile weaving to finishing by skillful craftsmen.

Umbrella that makes your complexion beautiful


Brighten up your expression with light effects and personal colors Make your expression more beautiful on both rainy and sunny days.
This is an item to create beautiful skin that will give you the impression you want.

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custom made

The only parasol made from clothing fabric

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Creating an original umbrella

The world's only luxury umbrella created by craftsmen who have inherited traditional techniques

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Umbrella based on Osamu Tezuka's animation

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12 weaving machines including 1 test machines and wide range weaving machine give the clients possibilities the various textile from small pattern toward overwhelming picture-like big pattern.

About the fabric

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Our factory


our special team work brings wonderful quality that is relied by high-end brands.


The charm of Makita as told by the staff

Working at Makita Shoten

Creativity cultivated in Nishikatsura, Yamanashi Prefecture, at the foot of Mt. Fuji

Interview with the planning team

The charm of Makita as told by the staff

What is the customer service at Makita Shoten?

Customer service as if you were treating a dear friend you met through an umbrella.

Interview with the sales team

The charm of Makita as told by the staff

Manufacturing at Makita Shoten

Makita teamwork supported by Nishikatsura and Gunnai

Interview with a team of umbrella craftsmen