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Original order system to make your own parasol!

Makita Shoten parasol order system

Make your own parasol

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Since Makita shoten is a specialist for garment textile and this project moZaiQue is to propose making your own parasol with garment textiles, for example, silk, cupra, linen. From various collection of our garment textile stocks, you can choose what you want and because of the texture and colour of each pieces, you can create one of a kind parasol. It is very difficult to sew the different composition textiles together but with our talented craft mens, we can offer this special experience to make your own.

All customized parasols come with a serial number.


How to order

how to order

01 choose your pieces

Push the number first and and you can choose triangle piece of textile one by one. After choosing 10 pieces, push the confirmation button and go to the next step.

*you can categorise the patterns.

02 confirm and fill in the contact info

After confirming your choice, please fill in your name ad mail address and push the order proceed button to go to the payment page.
*once you push the order proceed button, you will receive the confirmation mail to your address from

03 attention page to online shop

You will find this attention page on the process to the online shopping. Please click OK and go on.

*Please check if you have received a confirmation email from

04 payment process

You proceed payment process and your order is completed.

About textile choices

About the fabrics you can choose from

Variation of textile

For your parasol, you can choose various textiles, flower pattern, check and border. All textiles are made with silk, cupra, line and wool to create wonderful colors and texture.



Check <check>

dot <dot>

floral pattern <floral>

solid color

motif <motif>



Geometric pattern


Customization example

<moZaiQue No001>

<moZaiQue No02>

<moZaiQue No03>

<moZaiQue No04>

<moZaiQue No05>

<moZaiQue No06>

<moZaiQue No07>

<moZaiQue No08>