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Article: There is a sale! @Shinjuku Station West Exit Square


There is a sale! @Shinjuku Station West Exit Square

Held at Shinjuku Station West Exit Plaza,
We will be opening a store at "Kai no Kuni Marche 2012"! !

Koshu-ori umbrellas and original jacquard ``Eori'',
Also, eco bags made from umbrella fabric.
We will be exhibiting thin stoles that can be used in early autumn.

There are also other delicious Yamanashi specialties!
Please come and experience Yamanashi in Shinjuku!

Date and time: August 27th (Monday) to August 28th (Tuesday), 2012
10am to 8pm (until 5pm on the last day)
Venue: Shinjuku Station West Exit Plaza

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The blog is also Yurume, but this is also uploaded to Yurume. nice! thank you! !

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