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Article: We will open a store at LOVE DOG CAMP


We will open a store at LOVE DOG CAMP

We will be exhibiting at the 4th LOVE DOG CAMP "Autumn Fureai Festival" dog project held at Fudoki no Oka/Sone Kyuryo Park in Yamanashi Prefecture.

In honor of LOVE DOG CAMP, we will be selling Makita Shoten's original umbrella "cucciolo".

This umbrella utilizes Makita Shoten's weaving techniques.
We also sell eco bags made from umbrella fabric.

We look forward to your visit and enjoy the autumn feel of Yamanashi.

“Autumn Fureai Festival” Pet Project 4th LOVE DOG CAMP
Date and time: October 14, 2013 (Monday holiday)
Time: 10:00-16:00
Venue: Sone Kyuryo Park, Yamanashi Prefecture

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産地訪問バスツアー「ヤマナシハタオリトラベル 2013秋」見学先として参加します

Participating as a tour destination for the production area visit bus tour "Yamanashihataori Travel 2013 Autumn"

Production area bus tour “Yamanashi Hatao Travel” sponsored by Fuji Industrial Technology Center I will be participating as a tour destination. This is your chance to see the fabric-making and umbr...

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岡島百貨店 in 甲府市に出展します!「ヤマナシハタオリトラベル」

We will be exhibiting at Okajima Department Store in Kofu City! "Yamanashihataori Travel"

“Yamanashi Hataori Travel Limited Time Shop” will open at Okajima Department Store in Kofu! ! We are planning to exhibit Makita Shoten's original umbrellas, including stoles, ties, and miscellaneou...

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