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Article: Rebroadcast: Appears on NHK BS Premium “Ippin”!

再放送 : NHK BSプレミアム『イッピン』にでます!

Rebroadcast: Appears on NHK BS Premium “Ippin”!

From 15:00 on Saturday, June 14th, on NHK BS Premium “Ippin”

There will be a rebroadcast of the meeting.
Please take a look!
Ippin “Transformable! Colorful and shining cloth ~Yamanashi Koshu Textile~”

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We will be exhibiting at "March Ecute Kanda Manseibashi"!

At the event "BRILLIANT DAYS" held at March ecute Kanda Manseibashi and the event space "Tamai", we will display and sell umbrellas and parasols from Yamanashi Prefecture's Gunnai Ori and Makita Sh...

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六本木ミッドタウン「THE COVER NIPPON」で甲斐絹座と出展します

We will be exhibiting with Kinuza Kai at Roppongi Midtown "THE COVER NIPPON"

``THE COVER NIPPON'' located on the 4th floor of Galleria in Roppongi Midtown sells umbrellas, stoles, and neckties made of Koshu and Gunnai woven fabrics as ``Umbrellas and Kaikinu that inherit th...

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