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Article: “Yamanashihataori Travel” @ D&DEPARTMENT YAMANASHI by Sannichi-YBS

「ヤマナシハタオリトラベル」 @ D&DEPARTMENT YAMANASHI by Sannichi-YBS

“Yamanashihataori Travel” @ D&DEPARTMENT YAMANASHI by Sannichi-YBS

Immediately after the event at Shinjuku Isetan ended,
This time, we are developing Yamanashi Hataori Travel in our hometown of Yamanashi!

The location is D&DEPARTMENT Yamanashi store, right next to the north exit of Kofu Station.
The event runs until the end of May, and the creators will be at the store each weekend.
It's been a while since we held a Yamanashihataori Travel event in the prefecture, so please take this opportunity to visit! !

"Yamanashi weaving and knitting"
・Date and time: April 7th (Tuesday) - May 31st (Sunday) 11:00 - 19:00
*Excluding Mondays, which are regular holidays. However, if Monday is a holiday, the business will be open and the next day will be closed. Location: D&DEPARTMENT YAMANASHI by Sannichi-YBS
Exhibitor: Yamashiha Taori Travel (Haneda Tadori Textile, Muto, Tenjin, Makita Shoten, Maeda Gen Shoten, Hikari Textile, Tanabe Textile, Watariko Textile, Yamazaki Textile, Miyashita Textile, Funakubo Textile) / Kondo Knit Contact: Yamanashi Store 055-225-5222

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