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Article: The three-company collaboration clothing "clotho" was featured in Nikkei MJ!


The three-company collaboration clothing "clotho" was featured in Nikkei MJ!

Nikkei MJ, which will be released on Friday, November 12, 2021, featured the three-company collaboration clothing ``Clotho'' as ``clothing that doesn't care about age or body shape.''

As you introduced this series, you can wear it as you like without worrying about your age or body shape. There is elastic at the waist, and the size can be easily adjusted with the ribbon in the front.

The design is timeless and uses checkered and striped patterns that are loved by generations, with the hope that the clothes will be loved for a long time.
clotho pants coordination

The collaboration between the three local companies was supervised by Yoko Harada, also known as the "Nashing Dressmaker" who lives in Fujiyoshida City, and the sewing was done by a sewing factory in the northern foothills of Fuji, which boasts some of the best technology in Japan.

We have 1 type of pants (2 color schemes) and 2 types of wrap skirts (4 color schemes each).
These are carefully selected clothes that were created together by professionals.
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