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Article: Men's parasol "Shade" was featured on FASHIONSNAP


Men's parasol "Shade" was featured on FASHIONSNAP

FASHIONSNAP has featured the newly released folding parasol “Shade”!

We offer a popular plaid pattern in 5 colors that is easy to use for people of all generations.

This summer is expected to be extremely hot.
I hope I can help you spend your everyday outings and business scenes as comfortably as possible!

You can read the article here . Click here to purchase “Shade”.

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7/9.10 BEAMSとAMUSEによる野外体験型マーケットイベントに出展します!

7/9.10 We will be exhibiting at the outdoor experiential market event by BEAMS and AMUSE!

An outdoor hands-on market event jointly planned by BEAMS and AMUSE will be held at Fuji Subaru Land, at the foot of Mt. Ta Shoten will also be exhibiting!

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「古今東西かしゆか商店」にStig L. HERBARIUM が掲載されました!

Stig L. HERBARIUM has been published in "Kokin Tozai Kashiyuka Shoten"!

Stig L. HERBARIUM was featured in "Kokin Tozai Kashiyuka Shoten" serialized in "Casa BRUTUS"! Released today, July 8, 2022 (Friday)! We were able to see how the fabric is woven and the many steps t...

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