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Article: Posted on Yamanashi Prefecture's official TikTok!

山梨県公式 TikTok に掲載されました!

Posted on Yamanashi Prefecture's official TikTok!

A video of Makita Shoten has been posted on Yamanashi Prefecture's official TikTok account "[Official] Yamanashi Prefecture is too good"!

Umbrella fabric made from yarn-dyed fabric, which is woven with pre-dyed thread, is characterized by its beautiful color development and luster.
In the video, you can see a variety of expressions depending on the lighting and angle ✨

Each piece is carefully crafted by a craftsman, making it the perfect gift for a loved one!

You can watch the video of Makita Shoten here .

In addition, there are many videos that introduce the charms of Yamanashi Prefecture, so please take a look!

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We will be exhibiting at "Okajima" on the 1st floor of Cocoli from 3/3!

We will be exhibiting at the newly opened "Okajima" in Cocoli from March 3rd (Friday) to March 7th (Tuesday), 2023! We also offer "Stig L. HERBARIUM" with its attractive Scandinavian design of flow...

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A high-quality umbrella made by Kaikinu and Koshu Inden was published in Yamanashi Nichinichi Shimbun!

On March 4th, the Yamanashi Nichinichi Shimbun published an article about the high-class men's umbrella "KAIKI UMBRELLA" made by Kaikinu and Koshu Inden! This special high-quality umbrella is a col...

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