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Article: 5/15 (Monday) - We will be announcing the new collaboration umbrella "BERSA" with a master Scandinavian designer at Minami Aoyama SPIRAL!


5/15 (Monday) - We will be announcing the new collaboration umbrella "BERSA" with a master Scandinavian designer at Minami Aoyama SPIRAL!

We will be exhibiting at SPIRAL in Minami Aoyama, Tokyo again this year!

Date: May 15th (Monday) to May 21st (Sunday), 2023
Time: 11:00-19:00
Location: Showcase ( SPIRAL 1F, 5-6-23 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo)

This time, from the collaboration series with Nordic master designer Stig Lindberg, his famous masterpiece ``BERSA'' is finally here✨

Makita Shoten's umbrellas, centered on the new product "BERSA" and new colors of the popular design "HERBARIUM" from the same series, will be on display and on sale in record numbers at the event in Tokyo!

"BERSA" is loved by many people.
Thanks to Makita Shoten's finely expressive textiles, the characteristic rounded leaves and veins of the leaves are also reproduced.
The stem part uses a technique called cut jacquard to add a three-dimensional effect. A stylish umbrella for both sun and rain that brings out your sense of fun.

And the most popular design in the Stig Lindberg series, ``HERBARIUM,'' is now available in a fresh new color scheme.
In contrast to the chic black of the past, it comes in bright, refreshing and cute colors that are perfect for this season.

In addition to announcing new products, we are also expanding our current products.
With nearly twice as many umbrellas as before, this is the largest selection ever outside of Yamanashi Prefecture, where Makita Shoten is located. This is the first time for an event outside the prefecture to feature such a large number of products!

This is a recommended opportunity for those who want to see the actual umbrellas made from textiles, or those who are looking for a new umbrella for the upcoming season, so please come and visit us ✨

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