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Article: Hatao Travel in Taichung! We will be exhibiting at an event in Taiwan!

ハタオリトラベル in 台中!台湾でイベント出展します!

Hatao Travel in Taichung! We will be exhibiting at an event in Taiwan!

Last year, we participated in the Taiwan Literary Expo for the first time as the Yamanashi Textile Town Shopping District, and were able to interact with Taiwanese people through our products. We had a new encounter during the exhibition at the Literary Expo, and we have decided to hold an exhibition in Taichung this time. Makita Shoten will also be exhibiting!

From Makita Shoten, just like last year, " Stig Lindberg " (some items), which is popular for its stylish Scandinavian design, " Fusion " (some items), which has a cute characteristic design and three-dimensional thread use, and transparent fabrics. We will develop items from " repel. Portable umbrella ", a folding umbrella that is attractive and lightweight.

In addition, this time, we will introduce " Nordic " folding umbrellas with attractive bright colors (some of them), " Starry Forest ", which delicately reproduces the summer starry sky, and " MAKITA STANDARD " men's umbrella, which is popular for its simple design and luxurious feel. ”, a sub-bag “ Umbrella cloth bag ” (partial) made from umbrella fabric has been added!

This item will be available for purchase throughout the exhibition period.
Additionally, Makita Shoten staff will be on-site at the store for three days from February 10th (Saturday) to February 12th (Monday) during the market opening period!

[Exhibition information]
.. Hataori Travel in Taichung, Taiwan: ``Genzan.Jisui'' Yamanashi Fuji Orimono Town Textile Exhibition. Exhibition period: 2024.02.03 (Sat) - 03.03 (Sun)
.. Lunar New Year market stall: 2024.02.10 (Sat) - 02.13 (Tue)
.. Location: Bodhisattva Temple. Weimasha (select shop) No. 153, Yonglong Road, Dali District, Taichung City. Sponsored by: Hataori Travel, Imasa. Sponsored by: Bodhisattva Temple

[Exhibiting companies: (in alphabetical order)]
Aneqdot ( official website ), Funakubo Textile ( official website ), Fujizakura Kobo ( official website ) , Hikari Textile ( official website ), Maeda Gen Shoten ( official website ), Makita Shoten, TENJIN Factory ( official website ), Tanabe Textile ( official website ) official website ), Watanabe Textile ( official website )

・Curation: Suh Kasa, Birphin

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