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Article: Tettete! Will be featured on TV


Tettete! Will be featured on TV

YBS will be broadcast from 16:20 on May 11th! On TV, as a special feature on local textiles, Yamanashi Hataori Travel, which is currently available at D&DEPARTMENT YAMANASHI by Sannichi-YBS, TORAW watasho orimono, the necktie manufacturer of Hataori Traveler, and Makita Shoten will be introduced!
It will be broadcast within Yamanashi Prefecture, so please take a look!

Yamanashi! Surprise + discovery TV “ Tete! TV

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ヤマナシハタオリトラベル in 四季彩堂 浜松有玉本店

Yamanashihataori Travel in Shikisaido Hamamatsu Aritama Main Store

At the end of last year, the Japanese household goods store "Shikisaido" helped us with an event at their Shizuoka Nakata store. This year, we will be holding an event at the Aritama main store in ...

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六本木ミッドタウン「THE COVER NIPPON」に出展!

Exhibiting at Roppongi Midtown “THE COVER NIPPON”!

``THE COVER NIPPON'' located on the 4th floor of Galleria in Roppongi Midtown will be selling umbrellas and stoles made from Koshu and Gunnai woven fabrics, as they did last year. Makita Shoten sel...

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