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Article: Exhibiting at Roppongi Midtown “THE COVER NIPPON”!

六本木ミッドタウン「THE COVER NIPPON」に出展!

Exhibiting at Roppongi Midtown “THE COVER NIPPON”!

At "THE COVER NIPPON" on the 4th floor of Galleria in Roppongi Midtown,
As ``Koshu-ori with 400 years of history,'' we will continue to offer Koshu and Gunnai-ori umbrellas and stoles this year, following last year.

Makita Shoten sells umbrellas (new products such as Sai-sai, 1866, moZaiQue, Picture Ori, Kirie, etc.), Muto Co., Ltd., which is exhibiting Jikaba Nippon for the first time this time, and Kai, which uses silk from Yamanashi Prefecture, continues from last year. We are developing items from Kaikinuza, which is trying to revive silk.

This store has a very nice display.
Please come and have a look.

Date and time: May 16th (Sat) - June 30th (Tue), 2015
Venue: THE COVER NIPPON Access Business hours: 11:00-21:00 (Closed days follow Roppongi Midtown )

In Roppongi, a place where people and cultures from all over the world interact, materials, design, and
We are developing a lifestyle shop that proposes a new way of living, stocking clothing, food, and housing items that are particular about preparation, manufacturing, and the environment.

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