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Article: It will be broadcast on NHK General "Small Journey".


It will be broadcast on NHK General "Small Journey".

Makita Shoten will be featured on NHK General TV's "Small Journey" from 8:00 am on Sunday, July 12th.

``Small Journey'' is a program that began broadcasting in 1988, and shows the beautiful scenery of various parts of Japan and the lives of the people nurtured there.
This time, the production area in Yamanashi Prefecture, where Makita Shoten is located, will be featured, and Makita Shoten's manufacturing will be shown along with friends from the production area.

It will be broadcast nationwide, so be sure to watch it after you wake up on Sunday morning!

<Rebroadcast date>

Monday, July 13th 11:05am

Saturday, July 18th 5:15 a.m. *Different program in some areas

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The monova exhibition was featured in the Yomiuri Shimbun.

In the Yomiuri Shimbun morning edition of June 12th, An event at monova has been posted.

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「The Wonder 500™(ザ・ワンダー・ファイブハンドレッド)」に選定されました

Selected for "The Wonder 500™"

"The Wonder 500™" is a project of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry to promote regional revitalization through Cool Japan. At the recommendation of Mika Sato, the producer of this project...

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