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Article: Selected for "The Wonder 500™"

「The Wonder 500™(ザ・ワンダー・ファイブハンドレッド)」に選定されました

Selected for "The Wonder 500™"

"The Wonder 500™" is a project of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry to promote regional revitalization through Cool Japan.
At the recommendation of Mika Sato, the producer of this project and also the producer of Ash Pa . We were selected as an excellent local product to be proud of!

●What is The Wonder 500™? (Reprinted from HP)

The Wonder 500™ is a project based on the Cool Japan policy to discover "excellent local products that Japan is proud of that are not yet widely known around the world" and to widely communicate them overseas.

A total of 500 products were selected from 47 prefectures across the country through the "connoisseurs" of 30 of Japan's leading producers and through public recruitment.

In the selection process, we selected items in the fields of tourism, manufacturing, and food that ``incorporate the creator's passion and commitment,'' and ``innovations that combine traditional values ​​that support Japan's unique manufacturing and services.'' We value "sexual things."

All of the 500 products listed here express the values ​​that the Japanese have cultivated since ancient times (unchangeability and change, respect for nature and ancestors, craftsmanship, philosophy, high design, wisdom, etc.). Masu.

Through our 500 products, we are able to deliver pleasant impressions and surprises (“Wonder”) to many people around the world, and encourage as many people as possible to say “I want to travel to Japan” and “I want to buy Japanese things.” ” and “I want to try Japanese food.”

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It will be broadcast on NHK General "Small Journey".

Makita Shoten will be featured on NHK General TV's "Small Journey" from 8:00 am on Sunday, July 12th. ``Small Journey'' is a program that began broadcasting in 1988, and shows the beautiful scenery...

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rooms31 に出展します

We will exhibit at rooms31

We will be exhibiting at rooms31, which will be held at Yoyogi National Stadium First Gymnasium. Although we will not be exhibiting new products this time, since it is a spring/summer exhibition, w...

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