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Article: Certified as a "Yamanashi Health Management Excellent Company"


Certified as a "Yamanashi Health Management Excellent Company"

Governor of Yamanashi Prefecture certifies business establishments that work to improve employee health
Makita Shoten has been certified by the "Yamanashi Health Management Excellent Company Certification System"!

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I was introduced to writer Noriko Ichida's blog!

Writer Noriko Ichida's blog ``Outside Sound, Inner Incense'' introduced us, Makita Shoten, as well as Factory Jukkaten, which sells umbrellas! Please take a look!

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The first collaboration clothing between the three companies, “clotho”, is now on sale!

The first product, ``Clotho,'' is sizeless and ageless clothing with a beautiful silhouette. We place emphasis on ease of everyday use so that you can continue to wear it for a long time. The desig...

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