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Article: The first collaboration clothing between the three companies, “clotho”, is now on sale!


The first collaboration clothing between the three companies, “clotho”, is now on sale!

The name ``Product Wear'' comes from the desire to create clothes that will be loved for a long time, just like in the product industry such as furniture and daily necessities.
Based on this concept, Makita Shoten has started making new clothes. This is a collaboration between three companies, with the design and sewing specifications supervised by a ``nagashi dressmaker'' who has been working towards making such clothes, and the garments were sewn by one of Japan's leading sewing factories located at the northern foot of Fuji.

The first product, ``Clotho,'' is sizeless and ageless clothing with a beautiful silhouette. We place emphasis on ease of everyday use so that you can continue to wear it for a long time. The design is elegant and fashionable, yet timeless.

pants style

We made it possible to attach and detach and adjust the size without using any attached parts. There is elastic at the back waist and a ribbon at the waist, allowing the wearer to easily adjust the size. They are made so that the silhouette of the clothes stays the same even when worn by people of various body types, so you can wear them comfortably without worrying about the size.

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