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Article: We will be exhibiting at POP UP at Yamanashi Bunka Kaikan from September 21st!

9/21~山梨文化会館のPOP UPに出展します!

We will be exhibiting at POP UP at Yamanashi Bunka Kaikan from September 21st!

From September 21st, we will be exhibiting at YAMANASHI BUNKA KAIKAN 1966's POP UP " Enjoy Gunnai Textiles with Umbrellas and Ties "!

(Yamanashi Bunka Kaikan 2F, 2-6-10 Kitaguchi, Kofu City, Yamanashi Prefecture 400-8505)
Date: September 21, 2022 (Wednesday) - October 30, 2022 (Sunday)

The "POP UP Store" we will be exhibiting this time will introduce traditional craft techniques and items carefully selected by artists in a wide range of genres.
Makita Shoten will be exhibiting products such as " Stig L. " and " Tie ," which are popular for their beauty, " Umbrella cloth bag ," which is recommended as a gift, and " Shade ," a men's parasol that was just released this year. !

The exhibits will be based on the concept of ``cool and cute items that make you want to go out when you wear them.''
`` HADACHU '' (Hadada Chu Textile Co., Ltd.) makes ties in Fujiyoshida City. This is your chance to see for yourself the rich color, luster, and texture that only textiles can offer, so please come and see us!

*For business hours and regular holidays, please check the YAMANASHI BUNKA KAIKAN 1966 website.

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“Tie” was featured in the men’s magazine “2nd”!

In the October issue of men's magazine "2nd" released on August 16th, " Tie Plain x Stripe GREEN Folding Umbrella " was featured as "Work tools that will make you feel good! " This is a popular ser...

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10/15 槙田商店×frankygrow ワークショップが開催されます!

10/15 Makita Shoten x frankygrow workshop will be held!

A workshop will be held only on Saturday, October 15th at YAMANASHI BUNKA KAIKAN 1966, where Makita Shoten has been exhibiting since September 21st! [Venue] YAMANASHI BUNKA KAIKAN 1966 (Yamanashi ...

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