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Article: “Tie” was featured in the men’s magazine “2nd”!


“Tie” was featured in the men’s magazine “2nd”!

In the October issue of men's magazine "2nd" released on August 16th, " Tie Plain x Stripe GREEN Folding Umbrella " was featured as "Work tools that will make you feel good!"

This is a popular series where you can enjoy a simple and casual fashion that is perfect for business situations.
The color and luster have a sense of depth and vibrancy, giving it a clean and elegant quality.

Even if you only take one small item, having your favorite items makes it more fun.
Why not take this opportunity to buy an umbrella that will make you feel good?

Click here to view the latest issue of “2nd”.
Click here to view the "Tie" series.

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Men's parasol "Shade" was featured in Nikkei MJ

The men's folding parasol "Shade" was featured in the Nikkei MJ "New Products" corner published on Sunday, July 24th! The plaid pattern is easy to use for business situations and for all generation...

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9/21~山梨文化会館のPOP UPに出展します!

We will be exhibiting at POP UP at Yamanashi Bunka Kaikan from September 21st!

From September 21st, we will be exhibiting at YAMANASHI BUNKA KAIKAN 1966's POP UP "Enjoy Gunnai Textiles with Umbrellas and Ties"! The "POP UP Store" we will be exhibiting this time will introduce...

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