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Article: “Starry Forest” has appeared on the stage of TGC Fes Yamanashi 2022!

TGC フェス 山梨 2022のステージに「星降る森」が登場しました!

“Starry Forest” has appeared on the stage of TGC Fes Yamanashi 2022!

``TGC FES'' is an outdoor festival produced by Tokyo Girls Collection with the aim of ``regional revitalization project.''
Yamanashi Prefecture was chosen as the stage for the first stage, and it was held on October 22nd.

While numerous artist live performances and fashion shows are being held,
We were introduced to production areas and works as part of the ``1000-year-old textile town at the foot of Fuji - Hataorimachi STAGE''!

On stage, Non Koizumi, a model from Yamanashi Prefecture, performed a wonderful walk while holding an umbrella for both sun and rain, " Hoshifuru Mori ", which delicately depicts the summer starry sky.

You can also watch this on the Tokyo Girls Collection official YouTube!

Click here to watch the video of “~1000-year-old textile town at the foot of Fuji~Hataorimachi STAGE” !

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Premium Textile Japanに出展します(11/1.11/2)

We will exhibit at Premium Textile Japan (11/1.11/2)

Premium Textile Japan (PTJ) is a business meeting where carefully selected exhibitors propose a wide variety of high-quality textiles.

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11/23~FUJI TEXTILE WEEK 2022に出展します

We will exhibit at FUJI TEXTILE WEEK 2022 from 11/23

FUJI TEXTILE WEEK 2022, now in its second year, is a textile festival set in Fujiyoshida City, Yamanashi Prefecture, a textile producing area. Makita Shoten will be exhibiting at the production are...

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