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Article: The umbrella “RefleCouture” for both sun and rain appeared on Kansai Television Broadcasting “Suroyji”


The umbrella “RefleCouture” for both sun and rain appeared on Kansai Television Broadcasting “Suroyji”

The collaborative umbrella “ RefleCouture ” for both rain and shine was featured on Kansai TV’s “Slow and Easy Routine from 1:50” broadcast on June 6, 2023 (Tuesday) !

What appeared was Tuesday's main corner "Beauty Teacher". On this day, we had a special feature on ``Rainy Day Items and Coordination'' that you'll definitely want to refer to in the coming days☔

Among them, Rurika Miya, a former Takarazuka Revue actress, held an umbrella for her✨It was so cool and lovely to see her holding an umbrella✨

"RefleCouture" is a "beautiful umbrella" that was designed to make your complexion look beautiful just by holding an umbrella to solve the problem of umbrella day♪
This series of rain and shine umbrellas was created in collaboration with the gift shop ``futo'' by stylist Mana Kawai, and is popular among adult women for its elegant gradation and simple design.

By the way, what Miya was pointing at was "apricot." It is a popular color with gentle hues✨

"RefleCouture" can be purchased here .

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