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Article: “Umbrella of Yokohama” was introduced on TVK “Hamanabi”!


“Umbrella of Yokohama” was introduced on TVK “Hamanabi”!

“Maruka” wearing traditional Yokohama scarf will appear on TVK “Hamanabi” broadcast on June 17, 2023! Makita Shoten was also introduced along with the collaboration umbrella " Umbrella of Yokohama " that can be used for both rain and shine!

On this day, with the theme of ``Enjoying the sweets of the rainy season in Yokohama,'' navigator Oshima visited Maruka, a popular and long-established scarf store.
Among them, we introduced a rain or shine umbrella created in collaboration with Makita Shoten so that you can easily use it during the rainy season when the temperature starts to rise!

" Umbrella of Yokohama " is an umbrella for both sun and rain, which is a reproduction of a scarf with delicate patterns made of woven fabric .
This is a luxurious series that shines with style and elegance.
What appeared during the broadcast was the representative design `` Powhatan Large Pattern '', which is available in two color schemes that shine in the sunlight.

In the broadcast, be sure to check out Maruka's unique suggestions on how to use scarves and how to coordinate them with umbrellas.

Past broadcasts can be viewed on the official website of TVK "Hamanavi", so if you are interested, please click here !

You can purchase Marca's traditional Yokohama scarf "Stained Glass/Powhatan" here .
You can also view the "Marca" official online store here .

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