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Article: Men's parasol "Shade" was featured in Nikkei MJ


Men's parasol "Shade" was featured in Nikkei MJ

The men's folding parasol "Shade" was featured in the Nikkei MJ "New Products" corner published on Sunday, July 24th!

The plaid pattern is easy to use for business situations and for all generations, and is available in 5 colors, so you can choose your favorite color.
The inner coating provides heat shielding, light blocking, and UV protection, making it perfect for summer.

It's a folding parasol that can be used for both rain and shine, so it's a very convenient item to have.

“Shade” can be purchased here .

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「古今東西 かしゆか商店【ジャカード生地の傘】」Web版が公開されました!

The web version of “Koshiyuka Shoten [Jacquard Fabric Umbrellas]” has been released!

Last month, the web article for "Koshiyuka Shoten [Jacquard Fabric Umbrella]" published in "Casa BRUTUS" released on Friday, July 8th has been published!

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“Tie” was featured in the men’s magazine “2nd”!

In the October issue of men's magazine "2nd" released on August 16th, " Tie Plain x Stripe GREEN Folding Umbrella " was featured as "Work tools that will make you feel good! " This is a popular ser...

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